Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of novels, TV scripts, screenplays, radio scripts, stage plays, short stories and comedy sketches. Available for commissioning.
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My stage plays...

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I DID NOT F*cking Consent To This (Play, drama)
After flirting in a nightclub with Tia, a girl he knew at school, twenty-something Jaden's drink is spiked. Needing somebody to look after him, he asks the girl to take him back to her flat, but when he recovers from his drugged-up state, he is shocked to find Tia having sex with him. What follows is an oft heated, oft discordant, oft contentious exploration into the needs, wants and desires of the human animal versus the blurred line teetering on the very edge of sexual consent.
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Live and Let Dine (Short play, comedy)
Dining out, secret affairs and murder with a 10% service charge.
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Red Tape Ltd (Short play, satire)
Satirical short play set in a boardroom where company employees discuss sales strategies concerning their flagship product, red tape.
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Cruel (Short play, comedy)
Jess and Ben haven't heard from their friend Amber, a budding actress, for days. No emails, no phone calls, nothing. Jess is worried about her, especially as she was recently humiliated by Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent. When they call upon Amber's bedsit, they find her all full of smiles, insisting that Simon wants her to perform a second audition. However, in an act of sheer desperation, Amber has kidnapped Simon Cowell and locked him in an antique trunk.
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Imagine (Short play, comedy-drama)
Alice's boyfriend Josh died in a car crash two years earlier. Unable to let go, she's been talking to an imaginary version of him ever since. Tonight, she will embark on her first romantic date since the accident. What will the imaginary version of Josh make of hopeless romantic Spencer?
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