Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of TV, radio, film, web and stage scripts, novels, comedy sketches, short stories, web content, gags. Author of Patience Is A Virgin. Available for commissioning.
Mikey Jackson writer for TV, radio, film, stage, print, digital and web.
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My jokes, gags and topical one-liners...
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I first cut my teeth in the jokes market with 118 118 and their Text Joke service. Since then, my gags have been performed on BBC Radio sketch shows such as Newsjack and Watson's Wind-Up, and on stage by sketch troupes NewsRevue (London) and The Treason Show, (Brighton) as well as by several stand-up comedians from the UK, US and Canada.

A few examples of my jokes...

  A minimum price on alcohol won't affect me. I'm a shoplifter.

  A man asked me for directions in a very rude manner. I soon told him where to go.

  I like religious people, but I couldn't eat a holy one.

  I'm suspicious of my imaginary girlfriend. I think somebody else is seeing her.

  At school, my headmaster often gave me the cane. And if I was naughty, I'd get lines.

  I've just been to see the Mona Lisa. Cor, dear, she's no oil painting.

"Sorry, mate. I think you've got the wrong number."

"Are you sure this is necessary?
All I asked for was a passport photograph."

"My mate married beneath him.
He rents the flat above the registry office."

Random Mikey joke: "I like religious people, but I couldn't eat a holy one."
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