Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of TV, radio, film, web and stage scripts, novels, comedy sketches, short stories, web content, gags. Author of Patience Is A Virgin. Available for commissioning.
Mikey Jackson writer for TV, radio, film, stage, print, digital and web.
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I am a versatile freelance writer, novelist and scriptwriter from the seaside town of Worthing, near Brighton, on the South Coast of England where the sun sometimes shines, but it mostly rains. I can put my hand to any type of writing, including scripts for TV, radio, film and stage, novels, comedy sketches, short stories, gags and letters to the milkman. My key attributes are:

Being able to seamlessly cross genres with ease, writing for comedy and drama in any format, whether it be for TV, radio, film, print, stage, digital or web. 100% dedicated to the craft, I live and breathe writing.

An abundance of ideas constantly entering my head. I will never have writer's block. Once one project is completed, it's quickly onto the next.

Forward thinking with ideas and storylining. While some writers may create a pilot script and then struggle to gather further ideas for a complete series, my initial idea for a show soon transcends into enough storylines for several episodes and beyond.


BBC Radio Comedy writing workshop
Selected to attend a London writing workshop of radio comedy, October 2014.
BBC Writersroom & IdeasTap writers' workshop with Henry R Swindell
Selected to attend a hands-on scriptwriters' workshop with the BBC in Salford, July 2014.

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Existence (Celtica Radio)
Role: Writer. Produced by: Sen Creations. When: 2017 / 2018

The Meaning Of Liff At 30 (BBC Radio 4)
Role: Contributing writer. Produced by: Beth O'Dea. When: 2013

Tumbleweed Comedy (Fun Kids Radio)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: Tumbleweed Comedy. When: 2012

The Talk With Teisha (radio version) (Health And Wealth Network, USA)
Role: Script editor. Produced by: Teisha Powell Production. When: 2012

Newsjack - series 2 & 3 (BBC7)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: BBC7. When: 2010

Watson's Wind-Up - series 3 & 4 (BBC Radio Scotland)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: The Comedy Unit. When: 2009


Patience Is A Virgin
Published by: Forbidden Fiction. When: Ebook 2012. Paperback 2013


Gone, Forgotten (Poem)
Poem published by literary magazine, Sentinel Literary Quarterly.
Published by: Sentinel Literary Quarterly. When: 2015

Contributing writer. Book by John Lloyd, producer of QI and Blackadder.
Published by: Faber & Faber. When: 2013

Funny How Things Turn Out (Short story)
Short story included in the charity anthology Stories For Homes
Published by: Stories For Homes. When: 2013

Destiny, A Demise (Short story)
Short story included in the anthology of flash fiction with a twist, Twisted Tales 2013
Published by: Raging Aardvark. When: 2013

Surgical Stockings (Short story)
Erotic anthology featuring my short story Surgical Stockings.
Published by: Xcite Books. (Accent Press) When: 2012

Her Five Greatest Moments and other short stories.
Various short stories published by the mobile digital publisher, Ether Books
Published by: Ether Books. When: 2011 - 2012


The Treason Show (Monthly stage sketch show - Brighton)
Role: Sketch & parody song writer. Produced by: Treason Productions. When: Ongoing

NewsRevue (Weekly stage sketch show - Canal Cafe Theatre, London)
Role: Sketch & parody song writer. Produced by: NewsRevue. When: Ongoing

The 2nd Best Bed (Play by Matthew Abergel)
Role: Script editor. Produced by: Woodland Opera House. When: 2013. Performed 2014

Behind The Bike Shed (Stage sketch show - London)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: Anna Masing. When: 2010

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4am C.A.B. (Comedy podcast)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: 4am C.A.B. When: 2014

Britain's Got Talent (Comedy sketch)
Role: Writer. Produced by: Digimania. (Zubox TV) When: 2013

Three Men & A Lady (Sketch show pilot)
Role: Sketch writer. Produced by: UBTV Productions. When: 2012

Listen, Dr Woo (Sitcom)
Role: Writer. Produced by: Sen Creations. When: 2012

Random Mikey quote: "You're born, you grow, you love, you die. The rest of your life is spent waiting in queues."
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