Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of TV, radio, film, web and stage scripts, novels, comedy sketches, short stories, web content, gags. Author of Patience Is A Virgin. Available for commissioning.
Mikey Jackson writer for TV, radio, film, stage, print, digital and web.
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My novels...
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Patience is a Virgin by Mikey Jackson
Patience is a Virgin (Comedy)
25-year-old Patience Hope is a virgin. This has never bothered the girl, but when her dark secret slips out during a drunken truth game, it's a major league shame-fest.
Cue her quest to get laid ASAP, whatever it takes.
Losing her virginity can't be that difficult, right? Wrong!
Follow Patience as she crashes through sexual disaster after disaster in this fun modern farce.

Novel. 63,000 words.
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction (Fantastic Fiction Publishing)
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Occupied by Mikey Jackson
Occupied (Political thriller)
Near-future England is in turmoil. The Government has fallen, the US Army has taken over control and terrorist attacks against the American military by English insurgents on their own soil are rife. Ex-militant turned taxi driver Jonas Cain has kept his head down for so long, but when he is blamed for a London bombing, he goes on the run. In an attempt to clear his name, he has no choice but to reunite with his former militant group. However, the gang has its own agenda. Namely, a major terrorist attack against the occupying forces.

Novel. 88,000 words.
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Shards Of Glass by Mikey Jackson
Shards of Glass (Psychological thriller)
Four violent assaults by women against their men. One fatality. One thing in common. These women are all members of a local support group for victims of infidelity or abuse, run by ex-con and devout man-hater Meredith Payne. When young police officer Kaitlyn Green goes undercover at the group, she too falls under its spell and starts to believe her own boyfriend is cheating on her for real. With a mind fractured by suspicion and fear, she finds herself haunted by the imaginary vision of deceased school bully Angelina, unlocking long-forgotten memories of a horrific past event which threatens to destroy the only possession Kaitlyn has got left to clutch onto. Her sanity.

Novel. 86,000 words.
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#justsaying by Mikey Jackson
#justsaying (Contemporary drama)
After being humiliated in front of the whole school by Aimee, her ex-bestie, sixteen-year-old Mallory devises a plan to get her revenge by posting a vicious lie about her on a social networking website. When the lie goes viral, all hell breaks loose. And then events take a shocking turn when Aimee commits suicide, sending Mallory and everybody around her into a downward spiral of chaos.
The suicide soon becomes big news, with newspapers, TV and social media labelling Mallory as the most hated girl on the planet. Mallory then decides to run away. But is packing her bags and leaving with a man she hardly knows the best idea? Especially when there is nowhere to hide.

Novel. 88,000 words.
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Other books featuring my writing...

I'm a contributing writer in this book. Main writers are John Lloyd and Jon Canter.
Sequel to The Meaning Of Liff, this is a new comical dictionary of things there should be words for, but aren't, using odd place names as the words.

Example: Clavering (vb.) Pretending to text when alone and feeling vulnerable in public.

Publisher: Faber & Faber
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Surgical Stockings - A Collection Of Five Erotic Stories
Surgical Stockings
An anthology of five erotic short stories.
Includes my erotic short story Surgical Stockings.

Publisher: Xcite Books (Accent Press)
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Stories For Homes
Stories For Homes
A world-class anthology of short stories inspired by the word 'home.' This collection features, including myself, known and emerging writers contributing everything from flash fiction to extended short stories. All monies raised from sales of this book go directly to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

Edited by Sally Swingewood & Debi Alper
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Twisted Tales 2013: Flash Fiction with a Twist
Twisted Tales 2013: Flash Fiction with a Twist
This collection of twisted short stories (one of which is mine) investigates the thin line between the good in us all, and the lurking evil. Some of the stories seek the motivation, others deliberately take an opposing view, but all will surprise you with their perspective.

Publisher: Raging Aardvark Publishing
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Random Mikey joke: "A man just stopped me to ask for directions in a very rude manner. I soon told him where to go."
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